About Us

Marie graduated from Bristol University, following placements within zoos and exotic animal practice. She then worked as an exotics vet in Kent, before taking on a 3yr European College of Zoological Medicine residency. After completing her Specialist training, Marie worked as an exotics vet for private practices, large zoo collections and aquaria.


She has completed the RCVS certificate in Zoological medicine with distinctions in reptile, avian, zoo collection and wildlife examinations and a credit in pet mammals. She is one of a small number of vets to hold the RCVS Diploma in Zoological Medicine and has been accredited as an RCVS Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, the highest level of veterinary medicine recognised in the UK. In 2022 Marie was also recognised as a certified Aquatic veterinarian by the World Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Association based on her experience and training working with fish, as well as aquatic birds, reptiles and mammals.

Outside of work

Outside of clinical work Marie runs a small family farm, provides expert guidance for zoo inspections to the Secretary of State, acts as a director for a falconry centre, advises councils on animal welfare and is an advisor to breeding projects for endangered species and zoo working groups. In her free time she writes research papers, lectures to veterinary surgeons and has written a textbook on exotic animal veterinary care.

Upcoming Course
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